Mastering a Recipe

I am one of “those people”. You know, the people who try out brand new recipes on their guests. Most of the time, this works out for all concerned because I follow the recipe almost exactly, and read the reviews. (Full disclosure here: I’m not sure I have EVER followed a recipe to the letter. […]

The Big Picture

My name is April and I am a homeschooling mom (said in the tone of someone introducing themselves at an AA meeting for the first time; Hi, April). I have two students whom I am striving to turn into productive members of society. No pressure here. Every year, I re-evaluate how and why I homeschool. […]

How Many Clothes Does One Need?

Ready for the definitive answer to that age-old question? Get ready, here it is… Enough to get you to your next scheduled laundry time. Okay, that answer was not so definitive as subjective. The true number is dependent upon your SCHEDULED laundry time. Back in my poor college days, when doing laundry required a roll […]

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow

My maternal grandparents have run a thriving greenhouse/wholesale plant business for most of my life. My paternal grandmother grew the most beautiful violets in her house. My paternal grandfather was a farmer. I, however, can kill a plant faster than any of them can grow any of their plants. It’s a talent I’m not particularly […]