It’s Only Logical

Less clutter = easier to organize Easier to organize = fewer things lost/ruined Fewer things lost/ruined – fewer things bought Fewer things bought = less money spent Less money spent = more money in pocket More money in pocket = options Options = Freedom Freedom = Being happy There, a logical argument that less clutter […]

Clutter Bunnies

Clutter is like rabbits. One cute little bunny nibbling in the backyard looks cute, sweet. You ooh and aah over it. When you show it to someone, they say, Oh, that’s cute. You see another one. Look, kids, it’s a family! You start to think, The kids would probably love a couple of bunnies themselves. […]

Find Your Inspiration

I knew I wanted to change, needed to change. I just didn’t know how. My problem wasn’t really too much stuff (lack of financial abundance, a natural tendency toward thrift, and an aversion to credit card debt took care of that). However, I struggled with feeling that I wasn’t doing enough (yet I was exhausted), […]