How Many Clothes Does One Need?

Ready for the definitive answer to that age-old question? Get ready, here it is… Enough to get you to your next scheduled laundry time. Okay, that answer was not so definitive as subjective. The true number is dependent upon your SCHEDULED laundry time. Back in my poor college days, when doing laundry required a roll […]

We’re Not Hungry…Yet

Dear Mom and Dad, If you read this post, please do not worry. We’re not actually hurting for money. You know how your daughter likes a challenge. Your grandkids will not go hungry, either, because they’ve stashed plenty of snacks in their room. Cosmic brownies and oatmeal pies, in case you were wondering. Here’s a […]

A Toy Story

Do you have kids? Then, most likely, you have a toy problem! I have two children, and I spent the first few years of their lives thinking that my problem was that I just hadn’t hit on the right toy storage solution. I tried using a basket to hold the toys; then I thought a […]

Dish Washing

All you unfortunate souls who do not own a dishwasher, please raise your water-wrinkled hands. My hand is raised as well. In this Simple Solution post, I’ll share all the ways I’ve tried to minimize the pain of washing dishes by hand. Confession time – I started washing dishes by hand while I still owned […]

The Backup

My son just got contacts. He is so excited. He has been diligent about washing his hands, putting the contacts in properly, and cleaning the lenses thoroughly. However, last night I was reminded once again that he doesn’t fully understand the consequences of his actions (I’m sure my mother would say the same thing about […]

Kids’ Clothes

(Random parenthetical thought to start this post: I struggle with using the word “kids” for children ever since I was taught by my grammar teacher that “kids are goats, not children”. Now back to our regularly scheduled post on organization.) There is no shortage of ideas on the internet on how to deal with your […]

3-Item To Do List

I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment. I didn’t say I love getting things done, because I ABHOR busy work. If you give me something to do, or suggest an activity, my first response is usually, What’s the purpose? And if you don’t have a good answer, then I’m not going to be very excited to […]