Frugal Friday

Since today is Friday, and since I try to be frugal, and since I can’t think of any other topic that I want to delve into right now, I’m creating a new series called (wait for it) Frugal Friday! I thought I would make a note of different ways I try to save money during the week, and post a few of them on Fridays. Then, you could share a few of your frugal tips in the comments, and I could learn how to become more frugal, and eventually save so much money that I could…hmmm, I’ll have to give that more thought.

On to Frugal Friday tips:

  1. Cut your dryer sheets in half, and only use ½ sheet per load. (Fabric softener buildup is a problem that could lead to dryer fires. I figure I’m halving my chances of that. Plus, I’ve been doing this for a year, and still no embarrassing static cling!)
  2. Put a smaller scoop in your powdered laundry detergent. (The scoop that came with my detergent should only be 2/3 full for a heavy soiled load, and 1/3 full for normal loads. However, can I really expect my children to read what’s imprinted on the scoop? NO. So I put in a small coffee scoop. Now normal loads get 2 level scoops, and heavy soiled loads get 3-4. It helps keep all of us from putting too much soap in.)
  3. Make your own foaming hand soap. I put in 2-3 tablespoons of liquid soap and fill the rest of the soap dispenser with hot water. I also add a couple drops of peppermint oil because 1) I already have it, and 2) it feels more refreshing. (Confession here, I bought a huge double bottle pack of soft soap from Sam’s about 2 years ago. There’s a good chance that it will spoil – if soap spoils – before I run out. My grandkids will be cleaning out my house someday and laughing about “Grandma’s soap”.)

Well, I only have 3 this week. But think what a difference it would make if everyone were to adopt these 3 tips. We could make a dent in the US national debt – okay, not really, but maybe we’d save a few dollars for our old age just in case Social Security runs out, not that that could POSSIBLY happen.

Any other penny-pinchers out there want to speak up?

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  1. Danielle Enloe says: Reply

    We use Smart Sheep 100% wool dryer balls. You can find them on Amazon. They soften the laundry naturally without the chemicals or synthetics, shorten the drying time, and lasts for over a thousand loads. Plus they’re heavy enough to fluff up your pillows instead of tennis balls. And if you want a smell you can add a couple drops of essential oil to the balls. We’ve been using them since January and love them. 🙂

    1. says: Reply

      I’ve heard of those and was curious, do they thump around in the dryer? I hate noise. A thousand loads should keep us going for at least a year, I hope! 😉

  2. Danielle Enloe says: Reply

    Yes, they thump, but not super loud. It also depends on how small your loads are. They’re not as loud as those metal snaps on baby clothes. Haha. You can buy a pack of 6 on Amazon for around $18 and we use 2 at a time. (They recommend 3, but 2 works perfect) We’re currently still using the first 2 we put in in January. 🙂

    1. says: Reply

      I have NO small loads. Awww, I miss cute little baby onesies. Give my nephew an extra squeeze and snuggle from me!

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