How Many Clothes Does One Need?

Ready for the definitive answer to that age-old question? Get ready, here it is…

Enough to get you to your next scheduled laundry time. Okay, that answer was not so definitive as subjective. The true number is dependent upon your SCHEDULED laundry time. Back in my poor college days, when doing laundry required a roll of quarters every time, I needed enough items to constitute a FULL load (no half loads of delicates or whites during this time – everything was washed together, colors, cold water setting.) By the way, I am going to go off on a tangent here – PARENTS, do not send your child off into the world without teaching them how to do laundry! More than once, I saw parents trying to teach their kids how to do laundry while simultaneously moving them into the dorms at college. I particularly remember one helpful mother writing out the instructions on 3×5 cards (multiple cards – she was thorough!) I did not have this problem when I went to college. My mother recognized how intelligent I was from a very young age, and started my laundry lessons around the age of 5. Not every child is a prodigy like I was, obviously, but with patience and perseverance, ANYONE can learn how to do laundry before they turn 18.

Back to a scheduled laundry time…

This varies for people. I know several people like to do all their laundry one day a week. These people are going to need at LEAST 7 pairs of underwear to make it. I like to do a little laundry every day (if I have a full load to wash), so I end up doing it a few times a week. This means my husband only needs 4 pairs of work pants and work shirts to make it between washings, which saves A LOT of money because heavy duty work pants are pricey! But the problem I ran into was that I just never had enough whites to run a full load. My solution was to switch the whole family to using white towels and wash cloths. Now, I wash the whites every 5-6 days. My mother solved this problem in a different way – she bought enough socks and underwear to make it 3 weeks. Brilliant, but you’re going to need a bigger dresser if you choose to go this route. J

However, if you do NOT have a scheduled laundry time, well, there’s just no telling how much will be enough. You will always feel the need to buy more socks, more underwear, more t-shirts and jeans. You’ll be shopping continually. You’ll then need to get more laundry baskets or hampers to hold all of these clothes. You’ll need a bigger dresser, a bigger closet, a bigger house. This will put a strain on your budget, so you’ll have to get a second job delivering pizzas at night. This will necessitate more clothes, and less time to do laundry, which you’ll be too tired to do anyway because you’re working 2 jobs! With no free time, all your valuable relationships will fall apart, and life will not be worth living.

For Pete’s Sake, schedule a laundry day and DO YOUR LAUNDRY! You deserve a good life.

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  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I started stressing there at the end. 🙂 Confession: I DID buy 3 weeks worth of whites for The Farmer, but I still got caught in a pinch when he was down to his last pair of socks! However, it’s bc it’s been really stormy around here, and he has been in a lot of wet situations and needed 2 clothes changes 3 different days. On the other hand, I have a teenage daughter who works full time and only has 2 uniforms…that’s not enough! (she’s wearing out my washer and dryer)

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