It’s a Small World After All

My husband and I are beginning a new venture. (This is my subtle way to insinuate that this new venture is the reason I haven’t posted anything for months, which sounds like a better excuse than the real reason – I don’t wanna write today, maybe tomorrow, or next week or next month…)

My husband and I are beginning a new venture…remodeling a small house in Joplin, Missouri. We are motivated by a variety of reasons. He wants to expand his business, hire more workers, and move the business from being solely reliant upon his ability to perform physical labor (our 40’s are approaching and we are feeling our mortality). Me, well, I just want to pick out pretty tile (and I can’t talk him into installing any more at our house). We also love to help others improve their homes and lives in practical ways. Finally, we believe that small housing can be affordable, functional, AND pretty.

Our family loves to watch a good Tiny House episode. Those shows showcase beautiful, useful designs. However, some of those homes end up costing more than a small, outdated bungalow in the Midwest, with a fraction of the square footage. Not everyone wants to live in a 300 square foot house (we did for 7 months; it is an “ADVENTURE”); and I’m sure no one has ever said they want to live in an outdated house (my source: lots of HGTV viewing). However, not everyone is equipped to fix up their own home on a shoestring budget either; youtube videos can take one only so far. This is the niche that we hope to fill. We live in 900 square feet, and we see the benefits to living smaller. Our home is also COMPLETELY FINISHED, and boy do we see the benefits of that after living in a construction zone for 4 years while remodeling our pre-Civil War 2000 sf former home (ask me sometime about the plank I walked across for 4 months to do laundry).

So, while my husband spends his days (and most likely nights too) taking an old 1300 sf house and making it a charming gem in an up and coming neighborhood (I’m practicing my tv pitch for a reality show someday), I’ll focus on writing about living well in smaller homes. I’ll also try to document the progress on the house…if I’m not too busy picking out tile samples.

*The house pictured is not the actual house we are fixing, obviously, or we would have straightened the chimney.

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