Junk the Junk Drawer

I’m not saying to get rid of the drawer, per se. I find drawers highly useful. I LOVE drawers. Almost my entire galley kitchen is drawers (there’s a topic for another day). In fact, I’ve even found myself musing why drawers are not used more extensively in kitchens rather than cabinets (my working theory is that they are more expensive to construct – such a shame). In my previous house, I had an office drawer, a tool drawer, and a junk drawer in my kitchen. But when one decides to move to a house that is less than half the size of their previous home, something has to go. So I junked my junk drawer.

It felt almost un-American. My mother and I got into an argument over the semantics. Apparently, junk drawers are divisive (not as divisive as politics and religion, however). But, one does what one has to do whilst living smallish. After our move, I had only one drawer available to fulfill the function of the previous three drawers. Interestingly enough, the drawer is the same one I had used as my tool drawer in my previous home. Okay, that was not interesting at all. Sorry to mislead.

When we first moved in, I just tried to fit a few of my office items in with my tools in the tool drawer. Then, I added a layer of junk drawer items on top (adhesive hooks, safety pins, random keys, library cards). THAT
was not going to work. Next step, do some real soul searching. Ponder the meaning of life. Question EVERYTHING. I found myself asking:

  • Is the stubby phillips screwdriver REALLY necessary when I have a nice normal-sized screwdriver?
  • Is this the best place for a book of stamps if I can’t find my book of stamps without unloading half the drawer?
  • Why am I walking across the house and around the sofa every time I need a pen or Sharpie marker?

I don’t know about you, but these kind of questions always lead to decluttering of some sort. And voilà, 30 minutes later, I had successfully combined three drawers into one drawer, henceforth known as the office/tool drawer (depending on what day it is and what you are looking for). It is NOT a junk drawer, because I got rid of all the junk! And because a picture is worth a thousand words is going to save me writing a thousand word post, here you go….

Now I shall drone on about some of my favorite aspects of this drawer.

  • The round items you see pictured are small jars that hold safety pins, thumbtacks, and wall fasteners. They also help to hold up my rulers.
  • The black round container is a paperclip holder. I use it to also wrap rubberbands around the base. #sheergenius
  • The glass case holds the odd small tools that I need to fix glasses and the garbage disposal.
  • I think everyone should have index cards for writing notes. Love them!
  • Underneath everything is a drawer liner which aids greatly in keeping everything from shifting.

    Most important of all is what you do not see. I keep very few writing utensils in this drawer. All extras go into a separate bin that houses my backup office supplies. Remember The Backup Plan? Pens are a funny thing – you either have thousands, or none at all. Storing them in another location (which is two steps away) keeps them from multiplying indiscriminately like rabbits. (Just a theory, but I think keeping them in a ziplock bag also helps them from cross-breeding with the mechanical pencils.)

    Oh, and remember the stamps? They were moved to a safe place – my wallet, which is where they should have been considering how much they are worth!

Are you anti- or pro- junk drawer? Comment below!

2 Replies to “Junk the Junk Drawer”

  1. Danielle Enloe says: Reply

    Had to turn anti. We only have 3 drawers in our kitchen :O No room for any junk, only towels, kitchen utensils, & foil, wax paper, ziploc, etc. As for tools they’re squashed in a Tupperware container under the sink. Moving a bunch has really helped keep our junk to a minimum since we just purge what we haven’t used and have less to take in the move. It’s a win win 😉

    1. aprilpearl@sbcglobal.net says: Reply

      Moving…the ultimate decluttering exercise. Things are easier to toss than box up and move down 3 flights of stairs!

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