A Tale of Two Back Injuries

Once upon a time (three years ago), there was a girl. This girl was married with two children. She volunteered at church as church pianist. She helped in summer ministries and taking meals to others (because she was a stay-at-home mom, and therefore felt she should do more than others who worked full time). She […]

We’re Not Hungry…Yet

Dear Mom and Dad, If you read this post, please do not worry. We’re not actually hurting for money. You know how your daughter likes a challenge. Your grandkids will not go hungry, either, because they’ve stashed plenty of snacks in their room. Cosmic brownies and oatmeal pies, in case you were wondering. Here’s a […]

It’s Only Logical

Less clutter = easier to organize Easier to organize = fewer things lost/ruined Fewer things lost/ruined – fewer things bought Fewer things bought = less money spent Less money spent = more money in pocket More money in pocket = options Options = Freedom Freedom = Being happy There, a logical argument that less clutter […]

Frugal Friday

Since today is Friday, and since I try to be frugal, and since I can’t think of any other topic that I want to delve into right now, I’m creating a new series called (wait for it) Frugal Friday! I thought I would make a note of different ways I try to save money during […]

I’m a Gambler

I live within a 30 minute drive to several large casinos. And in the 10 years since I moved here, I calculated that I have been to those casinos….0 times. Nope, I don’t gamble on blackjack or slot machines (the only 2 gambling games I could name off the top of my head!); instead I […]

A Toy Story

Do you have kids? Then, most likely, you have a toy problem! I have two children, and I spent the first few years of their lives thinking that my problem was that I just hadn’t hit on the right toy storage solution. I tried using a basket to hold the toys; then I thought a […]

Examine Your Time

I’m about to give away my age here. Almost 20 years ago I heard a guest speaker at college say something incredibly stupid, which led to me forming perhaps the most lasting resolution of my life (and maybe the only one that I’ve stayed true to). Here’s his words as I remember them (said in […]

15 Minutes, Ndank Ndank

Many, many moons ago, I was trying to learn Wolof. For my non-cosmopolitan readers, that is a tribal dialect spoken in Senegal (a country on the west coast of Africa, for my geographically challenged readers – no judgment here, I didn’t know it EXISTED until I met my future husband). I had already learned French […]

Dish Washing

All you unfortunate souls who do not own a dishwasher, please raise your water-wrinkled hands. My hand is raised as well. In this Simple Solution post, I’ll share all the ways I’ve tried to minimize the pain of washing dishes by hand. Confession time – I started washing dishes by hand while I still owned […]