Simple Suppers II

Yesterday, I shared my simple solution for making sure my family gets fed dinner every night without having to resort to McDonald’s or frozen pizzas (although I do love Totino’s pizza – yes, possibly the cheapest version of pizza ever made!). Today, as part of my Simple Solutions series, I share my secret for easing the pain of grocery shopping (because you just can’t make dinner if you don’t buy groceries on a semi-regular basis).

The secret to doing your grocery shopping efficiently and on budget is by having…..


Yes, I have just revealed the missing detail to how the universe operates <read with a very sarcastic tone>.

Okay, seriously though, I have been shopping with a list for years. And until recently, I even had my list entered into a neat little Excel spreadsheet and organized in columns by grocery type, with a space for me to write down how many of each item I needed. This saved me the tedious job of writing down “toilet paper” each week (and more importantly, it kept me from forgetting to write down “toilet paper”, which is a far worse scenario!)

But this is 2016, y’all. And my printer is on its last leg. And my cell phone is getting to be almost as fancy as my laptop. So I searched for a better option to the ol’ pen and paper route. And I found <insert drumroll>

This is a nifty Android app that I found in the Google play store. It has a Pantry list, a Grocery list, and a To Do list. It is very easy to use. Here’s what I did (in numerical steps):

  1. On the Pantry List, I added in every item in my pantry, refrigerator, freezer, spice drawer, and even toiletry items and cleaning supplies (basically, if I have to buy it in a store, I added it to the app). This took about 45 minutes to an hour. I started out using the barcode scanner, but switched to using the microphone and just saying the items in my pantry. Most items were placed under headings like dairy, produce, etc.
  2. On shopping day, I look at the pantry list, and check any item that I’m running low on. This does not take even 10 minutes (plus, it reminds me to check the all-important toilet paper supply).
  3. Add all checked items from my Pantry list to my Grocery list by tapping the “Add Items to Grocery List” button.
  4. Add any other random items (super glue, father’s day card, hubby’s birthday card, and stamps were on last week’s list).
  5. Go to the grocery store yourself OR email your grocery list to someone else (okay, I haven’t used this function yet because my husband has not been properly trained in my grocery shopping method yet – I might need to explore my control issues someday…).

But, in all seriousness, paper and pen lists are not too bad either.

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  1. Amanda Emmons says: Reply

    Just downloaded, already using, immediately impressed. This is a very simple app (works well with iPhones, too) that might just actually take the place of the old paper list – which may be unfortunate news for quirky sites like… Thanks again for researching this so I didn’t have too! Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. The problem with written grocery lists is that they can be left behind when you go to the store (guilty). An app on the phone guarantees the list will follow me to the store 🙂 One of the things I love about this app is how it categorizes most items. And as a bonus, it has a place where you can mark if you have a coupon for the item. Thanks for sharing!

    1. says: Reply

      I didn’t even notice the coupon part! Thanks for sharing that!

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