The Perfect Day

I had a perfect day last weekend. It included all of my favorite things – quiet coffee on our porch with my husband, a relaxing morning doing small and large home projects (I did the small ones, he did the large ones). We ate two of my favorite meals, steak on the grill and Totino’s pizza (weird, I know!). We had times of productivity, and chill time in front of the TV. We didn’t spend a lot of money (well, the steak was pricey, but the Totino’s pizza offset that), and we didn’t go anywhere except Lowe’s (twice). Oh, and the kids were at their grandparents’ house, having fun with their cousins – which made them and us both happy because our definitions of “fun” are not the same (us: build a shelf!, them: play 3 games of Monopoly!)

That brings me to my point: I have to know WHAT makes a perfect day to HAVE a perfect day. Pre-minimalism, I would have thought that shopping all day and eating out (to avoid cooking) would have sounded great. But I would have spent money I didn’t have for things I really didn’t need, and come back exhausted (and probably a pound heavier) from all of it. But as I’ve grown older/wiser/more introspective, I learned that it is the accomplishment of shopping I loved, not the actual shopping itself. I can get that feeling of accomplishment in other ways now – organizing a filing cabinet, preparing a nice meal that costs less than going to a restaurant, or watching my husband build an awesome fire pit (love getting that feeling of accomplishment without even breaking a sweat! #myhusbandisthebest!) AND, I can afford to have more perfect days because my perfect day does not require lots of money (as long as we don’t keep building fire pits!) My perfect day includes spending time with my favorite people, and the more money we save, the less time my hard-working husband has to work (for pay, that is. There is ALWAYS a Honey Do List! J), so the more time he has to spend with us. I have a feeling my next perfect day will involve bratwursts and s’mores!

What does YOUR perfect day look like?

(For the curious among you, that firepit has an inner diameter of 36″, and is about 12″ tall. I have nothing in the picture to convey scale!)

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  1. Perfect Day? Mine would have to be on a cruise in the middle of the Caribbean! Or as a more affordable option: spending the day home alone… front porch, computer time, swimming pool and then someone show up with a Casey’s pizza for supper. 🙂

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      I’ll bring the pizza!

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